Special Live Webinar: Achieving Balance Between Work and Life

From 1-2 PM on Wednesday, August 10 Magellan will offer a live webinar featuring
valuable information such as:

  • Practical tips for getting the most out of your time spent at work and at home
  • Balancing home and work responsibilities
  • The consequences of an out-of-balance lifestyle
  • How to tell if you’re striking a good balance

The webinar will be available to you and your family at no cost through SMU’s membership with Magellan.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about reaching that elusive work/life balance!

Webinar Registration:

Registering for the webinar is easy: CLICK HERE to create your own password.  You will receive a confirmation and additional information on how to access the webinar upon registration. 

You can also register for this webinar at www.MagellanHealth.com/member as well as for future webinars on other topics.  After registering with SMU’s toll-free number (1-877-704-5696), go to Tools, On Demand Learning for a complete listing of live webinars, as well as webinar recordings and podcasts

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