Co-Worker Relationships: Defuse Tension with Tact!

How do you respectfully tell the colleague who talks loudly on the speakerphone to quiet down, or the one who constantly wants to chat when all you want to do is get back to work? These are sometimes tough situations to handle without hurting the other person’s feelings or seeming insensitive. 
Circumstances such as these are inevitable, especially when working in cubicles or other close quarters.  Tact and diplomacy are required to successfully handle these as well as other workplace issues that arise.  Utilize the following approaches to gracefully handle that potentially awkward conversation with a co-worker:

Magellan, SMU’s EAP provider,  offers tools and resources to help you!  Learn three tips for managing these types of situations.

You will need to login to your Magellan account or create a new login to view the page. SMU’s Magellan phone number is 877-704-5696, which is the number you will need to create a login.

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