Effective Speaking Skills and Workplace Communication

As one of the most widespread fears among the general population, public speaking has the ability to enhance or impair a company’s image and purpose.  Even if you feel comfortable speaking in front of groups, there are always ways to improve your communication skills. 

Next time you give a presentation or listen to someone else presenting, take note of how many “filler” words are used.  Words such as um, uh, er, ya know, like, I mean, so, and basically tend to be used as a way of avoiding uncomfortable silences or opportunities for interruption.  However, these words can detract from effectively communicating our message to audiences.  Try to notice patterns in other people’s speech as they use these kinds of words; for example, researchers have found that “um” usually precedes more significant thoughts than “uh” does.  Once you begin to notice these trends in your own speech you can gradually remove them from your language repertoire. 

If you want join others and practice your speaking skills in an organized setting, consider joining Toastmasters International.  As a world leader in communication and leadership development, Toastmasters boasts a membership of 260,000 people striving to improve their speaking and leadership skills by participating in over 12,500 clubs that meet all over the world.  Visit http://www.toastmasters.org/ to learn more about joining. 

The above information is reprinted with permission from Dave Gunby at Mindimensions, Inc.  To subscibe to The Successful Speaker newsletter, email Dave at dgunby@mindimensions.com

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