Tuition Benefit Request – Deadline for Academic Year 2011-2012!

July 15th Deadline for Requests for Tuition Benefits
The deadline for submitting requests for Tuition Benefits for Fall 2011 semester is July 15!   New students who have received acceptance letters are encouraged to request hours for Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 terms as well.

Good News – No More Paper Requests!
A new Benefits feature under Access.SMU Self Service is available to request your, your spouse’s, or your dependent’s Tuition Benefits for the academic year (Fall 2011, Spring 2012 and Summer 2012).  Step by Step Instructions will guide you on how to use the new feature.  

Immediate confirmations now available
While in Access.SMU, once you have clicked on “SUBMIT” a confirmation will be automatically generated.  In addition, you will receive a confirmation via email for your files.

24/7  Summary Available Under Access.SMU Self Serve
A summary of your request will always be available on Access.SMU to view 24/7 .

If you are an SMU employee who has a new student beginning classes this fall,  please wait to request the tuition benefit until after your dependent has received an acceptance letter from SMU. 

More Questions?  Visit the Tuition Benefits web page; it is a good resource for deadlines, FAQ’s, and how to get started.  Save it as a favorite!

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