Don’t Forget to Enter Your Wellpower Credits!

This Friday, July 1st marks the end of the 2010-2011 Wellpower Program.  All outstanding credits must be entered by 5:00 PM on Friday

Level Requirements                                           

  • Bronze: 30 credits, regardless of category
  • Silver: 45 credits, regardless of category
  • Gold: 60 credits, with a minimum of 10 credits each in the Body, Mind and Spirit categories.  

 All remaining credits may come from any category. 

 *Please note that even though you may have earned in excess of 60 credits, reaching the Gold level requires at least 10 credits in each of the three categories: Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

 Commonly Overlooked Credits 

  • Full eye exam: 1 Body credit
  • Full physical exam: 1 Body credit
  • Full dental exam: 1 Body credit
  • Other gender-specific physical exams (mammogram, colonoscopy, PSH): 1 Body credit each
  • Staff association luncheons: 1 spirit credit
  • President’s Picnic: 1 Spirit Credit
  • Exhibits at Meadows Museum or other SMU galleries: 1 Mind or Spirit credit
  • Attendance at any Meadows performance: 1 Spirit credit
  • Attendance at any Athletic event: 1 Spirit credit
  • Completion of credit-bearing college-level class: 10 Mind credits

Want to earn more credits?

Click the links below to visit the Wellpower website for additional opportunities to earn your credits:

Please email us at with any additional questions!

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