Sunglasses – Merging Fashion with Function

Many of us are outside much more in the summer and need to be especially careful to protect our eyes from UV rays. Too often we search for sunglasses that are stylish or suit a particular face shape but fail to look at whether they provide optimal protection. When buying a pair of sunglasses you should always be on the lookout for those with higher protection. Contrary to popular belief, the darkness of the tint has no impact on the protection level. The absolute best way to know if your sunglasses are protecting your eyes is by looking for 99 to 100 percent UV protection, preferably with larger or wrap-around lenses which help to prevent sunlight from entering through the sides.

Having stylish sunglasses, which also provide protection, does not have to be expensive. Many inexpensive pairs of sunglasses from a local supermarket or clothing store have the optimal coverage and can also be quite stylish. Some of the more expensive pairs may not even provide the protection your eyes need.

Before you start spending too much time out by the pool or lake, see if your current sunglasses have the optimal coverage. Optometrists often will test this for you for free. If your sunglasses do not provide the needed UV protection, or if you are like many of us who frequently lose sunglasses, go to a nearby store and pick out a pair (or two!) that provides both function and fashion!

Remember the one rule in choosing sunglasses: regardless of the price or tint, so long as the label says 99 to 100 percent UV protection, they are a good pair to buy. If the sunglasses do not advertise this, keep searching for a pair that does.

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