Honoring and Helping Those Who Serve Our Country

It’s Week Two of Take Mental Health To Heart –  A Program Spronsored By Magellan; SMU’s EAP Provider!

This Week’s Focus
This week, we are focusing on helping service members and their families take care of their mental wellness while deployed. Be sure to visit the web site, TakeMentalHealthToHeart.com, and take a look at:

  • new information presented
  • online screenings offered
  • interact with other site features, including a public bulletin board where you can share your words of encouragement for members of the military
  • watch videos from the campaign on the website or on our campaign YouTube channel, www.YouTube.com/user/TakeMH2Heart.

It’s Not Too Late to Send E-Greeting Cards!
Send an e-greeting card to service members, veterans and military families to offer thanks and encouragement via TakeMentalHealthToHeart.com. For each e-card sent, Magellan and Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. will each donate $1 (up to a combined $50,000) to the National Military Family Association.  

Thank you for your continued participation. Everyone, in some way, has likely been impacted by service men and women—whether they’re part of our families, in our circle of friends or in our thoughts of gratitude for their service and sacrifice in the name of freedom. 

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