Exciting Changes to SMU’s 403(b) Retirement Plan Coming Next Year!

The SMU Department of Human Resources and an SMU faculty/staff committee (the Retirement Plan Advisory Council) have explored over the past two years ways to improve the investment education and retirement planning services available to SMU faculty and staff. As a result, a new investment services provider, Diversified Investment Advisors Inc., will come to campus early next year.

What this means for you:

  1. SMU’s age-based 8-10% matching contribution, for employees contributing 5% to the 403(b) Regular Retirement Plan, will NOT change!
  2. Access to an array of investment funds that meet established standards for quality and performance
  3. A full-time on-campus retirement planning and investment advisor to help you determine how much income you will need during your retirement years and to develop an effective savings and investment strategy
  4. Objective and independent (nonproprietary) financial planning services
  5. A powerful and effective educational model that will enable you to improve your asset allocation and investment strategies throughout your active years with SMU and during your retirement years
  6. One-stop shopping to simplify and better support your retirement plan transactions through one SMU website portal

What’s next?
A number of decisions have yet to be made regarding various aspects of this change. During the next eight months, you will have many opportunities to learn more through participation in town hall meetings, individual one-on-one meetings, written materials, and BenefitsU.

Questions? Direct them to BenefitsU@smu.edu.

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