Celebrate National Nutrition Month With These Tips!

Celebrate National Nutrition month by trying Kiwano Melon and Green Onions – the fruit and vegetable highlighted for the month of March!

Different fruits and vegetables offer different nutrients.  Some have more vitamins and minerals than others.  To ensure your body receives a healthy balance of nutrients to reach its’ peak performance, it’s important to know the nutrients each fruit and vegetable provides.

Did You Know:

Fiber: is only found in plant foods, and helps you stay full longer.  Fiber also facilitates regular bowel movements.

Potassium: helps lower your risk of high blood pressure and control muscle contraction

Vitamin C:  absorbs iron for your body, and keeps your gums and teeth healthy 

Vitamin A:  protects you from infection and helps with eye vision

Want to know what fruits and vegetable are in season and how to prepare them at mealtime?
The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention provides a calendar featuring the fruit and vegetable of the month. They also highlight recipes featuring these items of the month.  

Eating an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables will help:

  • boost your body’s metabolism
  • fight against chronic disease
  • support weight loss

Consuming the proper nutrients will help your body function properly throughout the day and when prepared well, they’re delicious too! What more can you ask for?

Email your favorite recipe to us at wellpower@smu.edu and we’ll post them to the Wellpower website!

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