Dealing With The Stress Of Caring For An Elderly Person?

Managing your own life’s to-do list can be stressful enough on its own.  Add the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent, and you may be feeling overwhelmed!  You’re not alone!  The National Alliance for Caregivers reports that over 50% of adults who are assisting their parents experience high levels of stress and poor health.

Patty Lee of Allegiant Wealth Management knows all about this.  She advises caregivers with regard to the elderly’s finances, insurance, and wills.  She also helps them position available assets to ensure on-going care.

Patty will be leading a class through SMU’s CAPE program on Saturday, March 26, to share tips and advice with caregivers of the elderly.  She’s assembled a team of experts in finance, law, gerontology, and care management in order to provide a full range of resources for participants.

Preserving Our Aging Parents’ Assets: Independence, Dignity and More
Patty Lee, CFP, MBA, CDFA – Allegiant Wealth Management
Suzy Schwartz, MA – Schwartz Financial Partners
Saturday, March 26
9 AM-Noon

Visit the CAPE website to learn more and to enroll.

Wellpower participants may award one Wellpower Spirit credit for attending!

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