Support Heart Health by Wearing Red Friday, February 25, 2011

Due to our “snowcation,” the original date of February 4 has changed to Friday, February 25.

Many people think that wearing RED is reserved for February 14, but they would be missing out on an opportunity to make a healthy fashion statement.  Dig out your favorite RED dress, sweater, shirt, or tie and do your part in raising awareness about heart disease by wearing it on Friday, February 25.

While you’re at it, join us for a Wellpower Walk at lunchtime on the 25th and wear RED to show your support while doing something great for your own heart! We’ll meet on the steps of Dallas Hall at noon or upstairs in Dedman Center if it’s rainy.

If you wear RED on Friday, February 25 and you may enter 1 Spirit credit in Wellpower. Join us for the walk and you’ll earn Body credit too!

Why Do We Walk?
Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? It kills more women than all cancers combined. And heart disease is often preventable by establishing a healthy lifestyle that includes cardiovascular fitness, heart-healthy nutritional strategies, stress management, and tobacco avoidance. Wellpower is here to help you create that healthy lifestyle with challenges, information, and events to support you along the way.

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Resources to support your heart health:

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