New Pharmacy Benefits Manager Effective January 1, 2011

Medco will replace Prime Therapeutics as SMU’s pharmacy benefits manager effective January 1, 2011. You will receive a new BCBSTX ID card, which will include Medco contact information, in late December. You will not receive a separate Medco Rx ID card!

For more information regarding prescription drug benefits, including a list of participating pharmacies, formulary lists, and drug cost estimators, please go to and enter the corresponding access code for the Medical option you elected for 2011.

SMUPP50015109 ($500 Deductible PPO)
SMUP100025109 ($1,000 Deductible PPO)
SMUP200035109 ($2,000 Deductible PPO)
SMUP250045109 ($2,500 Deductible PPO with Health Savings Account (HSA)

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