Dedman Center’s Polar BodyAge Assessment Program–An Economical and Convenient Way to Get a Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports is offering a new fitness assessment that provides participants with the tools they need to accomplish their wellness goals and measure their progress.

The Polar BodyAge Health and Fitness Assessment is an economical and convenient way to set a starting point, assess your strengths, and identify your training and nutritional needs.

The assessment provides you with a BodyAge score indicating whether you are above or below your current biological age. Chronologically you may be 30 years old, but physiologically you may be 50. This is dependent on several factors including resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, aerobic fitness, heart disease factors, cholesterol levels, as well as VO2 max anaerobic threshold testing, and more.

This technology is unique and we are proud to say that we are one of few fitness centers to have this technology.

What is the assessment?

The body assessment is the first step. The system collects the following info:

Package A:
($40 first time, $25 reassessment*)

Blood Pressure
Modified Sit and Reach (flexibility)
Body Weight
Body Mass Index
Bicep Strength Test
VO2 Analysis (Cardiovascular)

Package B:
($60 first time, $40 reassessment*)

Blood Pressure
Modified Sit & Reach (flexibility)Body Fat
Body Weight
Body Mass Index
Bicep Strength Test
VO2 Analysis (Cardiovascular) Total Body

Package B will give you:
Personalized Workout Routine
Nutrition Plan

The fitness assessment is incredibly simple and does NOT require any significant physical effort.

Wellpower Credits
Complete this assessment and you can log 3 Body credits in Wellpower.

More Information
For additional information or to make an appointment please contact Gina Garcia at 214-768-4818 or

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