How It Started vs. How It’s Going

2021-02-08T09:23:35-06:00 Feb 8, 2021|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Spirit and Traditions, Student Organizations|

Looking back on the fall semester of my senior year, I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to be a Mustang. Though changes have been thrown at this University left and right, SMU has remained committed to providing the best student experience possible. One of the main ways I have seen [...]

A Foodies Guide To The 8 Best Restaurants Near SMU

2020-06-26T15:55:07-05:00 Jun 26, 2020|Ambassadors, Life Around Dallas|

Texans love to eat. Among the hundreds of restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, some of them are located within walking distance of SMU’s beautiful campus. Over my last three years as a student here, I’ve tried everything from pierogis to biscuit french toast, and I can’t wait to tell you a little about my [...]

Being an International Student at SMU

2020-06-23T10:33:32-05:00 Jun 23, 2020|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Travel|

Hola! My name is Sofia Marin (’22), and I am an international student from Maracaibo, Venezuela double majoring in Business and Advertising with a minor in French! Two years ago, I made the decision to come to SMU to pursue my bachelor’s degree, and since then, I have felt nothing but gratitude and happiness for [...]

Transfer Student Survival Guide

2020-06-11T15:18:09-05:00 Jun 11, 2020|Ambassadors, Transferring to SMU|

Preparing for your first year of college at a university isn’t easy, but I made the best decision of my life when I decided to do it twice. There aren’t many survival guides out there for transfer students and it’s probably because we’re just too busy making up for our “lost time” to put one [...]

Your Dream College Roommate

2020-06-09T15:53:07-05:00 Jun 9, 2020|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Residence Life and Student Housing, Uncategorized|

Hey y’all! We’re Laura Scott Cary (‘22) and Meredith Lloyd (‘22), and we were freshman year roommates and are still best friends! We didn’t know each other before we decided to become roommates, but we really lucked out and ended up having the best time living together. However, it wasn’t all luck: our almost-instant friendship [...]

The Hub of SMU Spirit

2020-06-05T14:48:37-05:00 Jun 5, 2020|Ambassadors, Athletics, Spirit and Traditions, Student Organizations|

Hey guys! My name is Nathaniel Ntuk and I’m a rising junior double majoring in Saxophone Performance and Political Science! I’m from Plano, Texas, and have lived in the North Texas area all my life. One thing that had arguably the biggest impact on my life thus far has been marching band. In high school, [...]

Hail to the Red and the Blue Angels!

2020-05-25T13:35:23-05:00 May 25, 2020|Ambassadors, Campus Life, Life Around Dallas|

During this crazy time, one thing is sure – our medical workers are truly heroes! And, in the spirit of celebration and comradery, people have become creative in celebrating medical workers all over the world, whether it is blasting “Empire State of Mind” in New York’s hospitals, or cheering and applauding at a certain time [...]

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