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Elephants and Super Heroes and Narwhals, OH MY!

By Annie Bures

We all loved Halloween when we were little but in college it is Halloween all year ‘round! Now every university has its traditions about costume parties but at SMU we do it large and in style! I have been known to come up with some pretty great costumes in my time (from Minnie Mouse to the NBC Peacock to a Pizza) but this year I outdid myself with a home-made Narwhal costume! While my toothed whale costume made quite the splash (pun intended!) on the costume party scene, my fellow SMU Ambassadors had some pretty original costumes too. From Billy’s “Steve Jobs” to Ramon’s “Emo Unicorn” we definitely set the bar pretty high for this year.

Now don’t worry, I know you are all getting nervous that you aren’t ready for the intense costumes at SMU, but as soon as you are part of the Mustang family we will help you out with some brand new outfits for all of our social events. Whether it is an annual campus costume party or an organization’s event based on a theme SMU knows how to have fun with all of our crazy costumes!

The Ambassadors having fun at a costume party!

Ramon in his infamous elephant costume.

Me, in my Narwhal suit. Complete with flippers!


Campus Life Spirit and Traditions

Going Greek

By Annie Bures

We have all seen the stereotypical depictions of Greek life on TV and in movies but the media doesn’t always show what Greek life is really like on a college campus. At SMU, where roughly one third of students join a Greek organization, the days leading up to the start of spring semester classes are filled with fraternity and sorority dinners, meetings, social events  and , of course,  formal recruitment. Many schools across the country still have recruitment in August, before school starts, but SMU allows students to wait until January in order for new students to become acclimated to the campus before making the commitment of joining a Greek chapter. Recruitment can sound scary or unknown to many new students entering college for the first time but it is actually a lot of fun and a great way to find lifelong friends.

SMU hosts four different Greek councils: National Pan-Hellenic Council, Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, and Multicultural Greek Council. Each council has a unique historical background but all four are based upon the same ideals of true friendship, philanthropy, and a lifelong sister or brotherhood. Some councils have more formal rounds during recruitment where potential new members (PNMs) can visit the chapter houses for brief meet-and-greets while other councils may host social events in the evenings on campus or even conduct interviews with potential new members. All four Greek councils provide potential new members with supportive student mentors throughout the recruitment process to guide new students towards chapters that will fit them best. SMU even has religious, philanthropic, and professional Greek societies!

Now for the big question: “What is so special about being in a fraternity or sorority?” Fraternities and Sororities are an amazing way to network for internships and jobs, the all-Greek GPA is higher than the campus average, and SMU Greeks hold leadership positions on campus such as Resident Advisors, Tour Guides, club presidents, orientation leaders, and even Student Body President. Going Greek isn’t just a way to find a social connection or to meet interesting people; it is a fantastic way to grow as an intellectual and a person. Whether you choose to “Go Greek” or not the SMU Greek community welcomes you with open arms and is happy to have all students participate in its philanthropic and social events throughout the year!