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Sunday Funday

Sundays can be either the best day of the week, or the worst – depending on how you look at it. It can either be the last day to cap off a glorious weekend, or the day filled with finishing homework before the dreaded Monday ahead. However, my past Sunday was how every Sunday at SMU should be – a day filled with laughter and friends.

After a long weekend, a few of my friends and I took it upon ourselves to schedule a college styled play date at the park closest to campus. At times, the rigors of college can make you feel much older than you would wish. That is exactly why I believe it is important to embrace your inner child. And I must say, after a day filled with swinging on monkey bars, playing football and riding around on a skateboard, we were able to do just that.

My amazing breakfast
My amazing breakfast

We started out our “play date” with the foundation for a day; a good breakfast. I first tried a new breakfast location with some friends, the Kozy Kitchen on McKinney Avenue. The only thing better than their infamous coffee is their delicious battered pancakes, or possibly the homemade migas and eggs. A must try breakfast location in the Dallas area.

Afterwards, we went to the park and had a blast. Previous to our Sunday outing, the last time I climbed a tree was in middle school – entirely too long ago. For the first time in ages, I played tag and monkey in the middle. A Sunday at the park was a perfect way to end a great weekend, and an even better way to feel young again with friends.

All in all, Sundays don’t have to be bad as they are made out to be. Whether is playing with some friends on the field, trying new places to eat or possibly watching some NFL Sunday football, keep your Sunday fresh by ending your weekend with superb start to the week ahead.

-Vafa Behzadpour

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Rangers Games

Being from Los Angeles, California I bleed blue and white for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I grew up going to a couple games a season with my family or my friends, as well as playing baseball through my senior year of high school. Baseball was a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

chad solomonWith saying that now I’m in Texas and have to fill the void of not being near the Dodgers, I was forced to adopt a team. Thus, I chose the Rangers. I try not to be a bandwagon fan, but rooting for the Rangers is almost as fun as the Dodgers.

Globe Life Ball Park is just right outside of Dallas located in Arlington about 25 minutes from campus in the same spot as AT&T stadium (home of the Cowboys). I had never attended a game until this previous October. My brother worked for the Rangers as an intern, thanks to SMU’s help, and surprised my girlfriend and I with two tickets to a game against the Angels.

The game was a blast. We got there in just under 30 minutes, thanks to a ride from my roommate. Once arriving, we got some hot dogs and pretzels and then sat down in our field level seats. In front of a sold out crowd, the Rangers ended up clinching a play off spot that night and the game followed with fireworks. It was an awesome date, mixing some of my favorite things: sports, my girlfriend, and Dallas.

Whether it’s the Rangers, the Cowboys, the Starts, the Mavs, or for all my soccer fans, FC Dallas, the opportunities are endless. SMU is not only a fantastic school, but is also in a great location. Although it was no Dodgers game, it was still one of my favorite nights of the semester.

-Chad Solomon

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Sunny and 75

Enjoying Steel City Pops on a perfect Dallas Day!
Enjoying Steel City Pops on a perfect Dallas Day!

Enjoying beautiful weather in Dallas just got easier. Here’s my quick guide to spending the day outdoors.

1. Dallas Hall Lawn:

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of a sunny, Dallas day.  Dallas Hall Lawn is the perfect spot to throw down a blanket and soak up the sun! On a typical sunny day, you can usually see students enjoying a game of Frisbee, or catching up on their reading between classes.

2. Katy Trail:

As someone who loves to run, Katy Trail is easily my favorite place to go on a sunny day.  This trail, which begins about a hop, skip and a jump away from campus, extends three and a half miles into the city, ending downtown at the American Airline Center.  For those of you who are less inclined to go running, activities such as biking, walking, and roller blading are equally popular on the trail.

3. Klyde Warren Park:

Take a short drive into downtown and you can find yourself at Klyde Warren, a 5.2-acre park built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway. Get active by participating in a public yoga class or playing a game of pick up soccer.  If you’d rather have a more relaxing afternoon, there are plenty of tables and chairs available for you to kick your feet up and enjoy the company of friends.  Food trucks line the streets by the edge of the park, making this the perfect spot to enjoy some local Dallas eats.

4. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of college life in this beautiful oasis.  With over 60 acres in the gardens, there are endless things to see and explore.  The gardens remain beautiful in all seasons, making this a good way to spend a day outdoors throughout the year.

5. Steel City Pops

Take a walk to Steel City Pops, my favorite place to get dessert, and enjoy a popsicle with friends! They have all sorts of flavors; from Blackberry Lemonade to Chocolate!

Here’s to hoping for some awesome weather this week!

-Lauren Zabaleta

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A Short Guide to Lower Greenville

When I hear from students that apply to SMU, one thing is always at the top of their mind: Dallas.  Our students love being in Dallas.  Proximity to all four major sports teams, incredible business opportunities, and a lively social scene are only a few of the many factors that make Dallas and SMU the obvious choice for college students.  Although there is plenty to do on campus, one of my favorite neighborhoods around SMU is Lower Greenville.  Here’s a quick list to get you to try out some cool spots right the next time you’re around!

Mudsmith – 2114 Greenville Ave.  This spacious coffee shop imudsmiths a hippie hunting lodge with a great study atmosphere.  Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for a 15-page paper or you want to hang out with your friends for an open-mic night, Mudsmith is the place to be.


truck yardTruck Yard – 5624 Sears St.  A large patch of lawn chairs, picnic tables, modified pickup trucks-turned-picnic tables, three bars (one of them is in a tree house) a Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams stand, a permanent kitchen that makes nothing but Philly cheesesteaks (appropriately named “Steak Me Home Tonight”), live music, and a rotating cast of local food trucks makes Truck Yard an SMU favorite.

Good Records – 1808 Greenville Ave.  Other than my educgood recordsation, the best investment I’ve ever made was in a record player (they sell them in store or grab one off Amazon).  Good Records is a two story audiophile’s wonderland with thousands of records, CDs, posters and more.  There’s always room in your life for Spotify, but nothing beats finding a great new sound on sale.


hg supply coHG Supply Co. – 2008 Greenville Ave.  Eat like a gourmet caveman “Hunter-Gatherer” style off a menu with paleo-inspired dishes from the best grass-fed meats and veggies.  Don’t be alarmed if you run into an hour long wait to be seated, because the real gem of this joint is the 9000 square foot patio upstairs stocked with a full bar and a picturesque view of the Dallas skyline.

Steel City Pops – 2012 Greenville Ave.  A hop and a skip from HG Supply is a dessert steel city popsshop that has the Dallas community buzzing.  Steel City Pops is a gourmet popsicle store that features some of the best treats you will ever taste.  Made from fresh all-natural or organic ingredients and sweetened with raw, organic cane sugar, these vegan-friendly pops range from fruity to creamy flavors.   Whether it’s an after-class study snack or a post-dinner dessert, Steel City has your sweet-tooth needs covered.


Honorable Mentions:

Trader Joe’s – 2001 Greenville Ave.  With over 450 locations around the country, you’ve hopefully heard of this organic grocery store so I won’t go into too much detail.  I know that my addiction to cookie butter on my toast can continue as long as I’m around a TJ’s.

Pints & Quarts – Corner of Ross and Greenville.  From the people who brought us Mudsmith, this gas station-turned-burger joint should be your next lunch stop.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate -1925 Greenville Ave. Chocoholics beware, you can’t shake the craving when you walk past this shop.  With their chocolate bark, fudge, truffles, and potions, they’ve got me hooked.

Granada Theater – 3524 Greenville Ave.  Built as a theater in 1946, the Granada has since become a popular concert hall.   Along with great music, their sister restaurant “Sundown at Granada” features Lower Greenville’s largest patio.

This is only a fraction of the cool things to do and places to go on Lower Greenville, so use these places as a starting point and do a little exploring yourself.  Hope to see you down there soon!

-Jack Murphy

Note: All pictures from the respective restaurant’s websites.

Campus Life Life Around Dallas Student Organizations

J-Ice and Alternative Breaks

One of my favorite organizations at SMU is Alternative Breaks, which send students on community service trips over Fall, Winter and Spring breaks. It has provided me with not only eye-opening and perspective-expanding opportunities in Austin, New Orleans, and Quito, but also with extremely valuable leadership experience, planning, budgeting for, and leading trips. Hopefully it’s easy to see why I am passionate about this organization.Will O'Connor

While I have been able to use my time and leadership skills to support the organization, last night Jayce “J-Ice” Miller did the organization an incredibly fun service. The current president of the organization, riding momentum that the organization has with members having returned from their Fall Break trips a couple of weeks ago, took advantage an open mic night at Poor David’s Pub in South Dallas to put on quite a rap show. Not only was the show a blast for everyone who attended, but all of the proceeds went directly to Alternative Breaks to make the trips that much more affordable for students. The crowd was comprised of a mix of Jayce’s friends and supportive members of Alternative Breaks, in addition to those who just happened to be there at the time.

The show was a great success! Of the four shows that we saw (two before, one after J-Ice), Jayce had the largest number of supporters, and really got the crowd moving. He got a shout out in the show immediately following his for having such great fans. The show provided excellent entertainment and supported a worthy cause, two things that I and many other SMU students are all about. SMU students support their community, at SMU and otherwise, in a number of ways, and the J-Ice show on Thursday is just one example of the extraordinary ways that we put our abilities to great use.

-Will O’Connor

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Getting Coffee with a Professor?!?

One of my favorite times at SMU is the fall. The leaves are changing colors, the boulevards, and the pumpkins are out. However, my fall has been spent with the Strategy Brand Management track of Advertising. So far, I have loved getting to know the 15 people that I will be spending the rest of my college experience with! It is refreshing to be in classes that allow me to view concepts more openly and be surrounded by people who are equally as passionate.

Additionally, with new classes come new professors. My professors this fall have been some of the most engaging people I have ever met. Not only do they have a passion for the field of advertising, but also a passion for student development.

Picture from:
Picture from:

Last week I went to Union coffee, which is an SMU crowd favorite.  There is truly nothing better than Union coffee as the days get cooler! Besides the coffee, I was there to meet a professor. Professor Baldwin teaches Strategic Management. She thought it would be a cool place to meet outside of the classroom. She asked me the progress on my project, but further, Professor Baldwin asked me about what I was passionate about. She asked my what I see myself doing and what I ponder about.  Our conversation went far beyond the classroom. I left feeling encouraged about my future and affirmed in my studies.  It was very encouraging to hear about what she does besides teaching, and how she found her love for the industry. She explained the importance of contentment in this life stage. She challenged me to be more focused on the blessings that I have, than the fleeting stresses of everyday life.  This is one of those conversations that you truly feel that you could concur the world.  It was truly refreshing.

-Anna Scott Phillips

Campus Life Life Around Dallas Spirit and Traditions

Peace, Soul, Rock & Roll

I absolutely love live music. In fact, I’ve been too close to the speakers at so many concerts that I have hearing loss in my left ear. When I was in high school, I went to at least one concert a month, if not more. I couldn’t get enough of the atmosphere, the fans, the memories, and the overall experience of a live show. When I got to college at SMU, I thought that I wouldn’t have nearly as much time or money to attend the amount of concerts that I wanted to.

Shortly after the start of my first semester, though, I realized that SMU would make my concert-loving dreams come true. Within a few weeks, I was at a free Aaron Carter concert – who, by the way, was my childhood crush – right outside my commons. At this concert, I happened to push my way to the front and Aaron Carter actually grabbed my phone and took a video of himself on it! Not too long after this, B.o.B. came to McFarlin Auditorium, a 2-minute walk from my residence hall, and SMU students got to open up for him. The next year, I got to not only see, but meet Kailin and and Myles, some vine-famous pop artists who I still listen to today. Chance the Rapper came to SMU that same year. This year, I got to break out my cowboy boots for a free Eli Young Band and Cam concert on the eve of SMU’s 100 year anniversary.

Outside of the free concerts that SMU provides for my friends and me at least a few times a year, we live in Dallas, TX, one of the best places for live music in the nation! I’ve been to countless shows for under $30 over the past few years as an SMU student at all kinds of incredible venues like the House of Blues, Southside Ballroom, or Gexa Energy Pavillion. Just south and west of downtown is my favorite venue ever: The Kessler Theatre. I don’t even have to drive to these concerts, either. SMU students get a $5 DART pass for all four years that we are here, which is the equivalent to two day passes. I can take the DART to pretty much any concert venue I want, and as long as I use my DART pass twice, it pays for itself!

Overall, SMU has provided an incredible experience for me as a live music fanatic. Not only can I walk outside my residential commons and watch free concerts multiple times a year, but I can take the DART for a few minutes and see inexpensive concerts in Dallas. In addition to all of this, as a Finance and English major with a musical performance hobby, I have been able to perform for my fellow students at the Family Weekend Talent Show, Celebration of Lights, and local coffee shops like Union, just a few miles from campus. SMU has already given me so many opportunities to enjoy listening to and performing music, and I still have a few more years to go. We’ll see which concert I see or perform in next!

-Jacqui Jacoby

Life Around Dallas Student Organizations

A Perfect Saturday

Katie Maiers White Rock Lake
A picture of the lake before I began paddle boarding.

Is summer truly over in Dallas? Nope. I refuse to admit it. As excited as I am for fall, I hate saying goodbye to the warm days of summer, and I especially hate saying goodbye to endless hours in/on the water. But let’s face it: Dallas weather will keep us warm for a bit longer, and even though it’s the middle of September, lake days haven’t disappeared just yet.

This past Saturday, I spent the day paddle boarding at White Rock Lake with SMU Outdoor Adventures. Outdoor Adventures (OA) is a program within the Department of Recreational Sports here at SMU. They sponsor a variety of trips and workshops for students to essentially get outdoors and explore all that nature has to offer. Whether you want to go skydiving, backpacking, or anything in between, the OA supplies equipment, an opportunity to meet other students, and a guaranteed good time.

On Saturday morning, our group of nine participants and two trip leaders headed out to the lake with a trailer of kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and materials to cookout what would be one of the most well-deserved lunches of my life. Although I’m not an ultra athletic person, I had paddle boarded a few times before in my hometown of Austin, Texas, but my previous experiences were nothing like this.

This trip was different. Yes, the current was stronger than we anticipated and I ended up paddling on my knees rather than standing up (I wanted to actually propel myself forward more than I wanted to stand; doing both was not possible), but this trip was so much better than anything I had done before. I was totally at peace, and I continuously thought about how happy I was to be on the water (Hoku’s “Perfect Day” might have been referenced a few times; I hummed it proudly). I had an opportunity to simply enjoy the day, and the best part was that I got to bond with many students whom I had never met before. We encouraged each other, we ate more chips and burgers than we care to admit together, and when we got back to Dallas and watched our football team grab a win against UNT, we somehow managed to make the day even better.

I’m sure that fall will bring more incredible Saturdays to come, but this one will be tough to beat!

-Katie Maiers

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Approaching the Semester’s End

As the spring semester winds to an end, one obstacle lies in the way of students returning home, starting internships, and even graduating: final exam week. During this week, students will spend time visiting with their professors and studying in the various libraries on campus in order to prepare for the semester’s end. After the semester, many students will begin internships set up through SMU’s MustangTrak, which allows them to experience a new job setting and build up one’s credentials for after graduation. For those who are graduating, this is a bittersweet time; the senior class will close a chapter in their lives and finally enter the real world!

Enjoying a Mavericks game!
Enjoying a Mavericks game!

Getting through finals isn’t an awful time at SMU because of the amenities that SMU provides for its students. There’s still fun activities going on. Every night at SMU’s Fondren Library, a “midnight breakfast” is catered for the students who are studying away during the night. The library staff makes us pancakes and waffles with all the toppings and, most importantly, hot coffee! SMU also provides puppies to play with during finals week to relieve stress and provide a break for students who are focusing on exams. Students even find time to explore Dallas during this busy season. Just the other day, we attended a Mavs game at American Airlines Center after having a great dinner at Victory Tavern.

Although exam week is a burden for most college students, SMU goes out of their way in order to help us succeed. And we just have to remember that summer is just a few weeks away!

By Adam Melson

Ambassadors Campus Life Life Around Dallas Spirit and Traditions

A Passion Rediscovered

When I was 6 years old, my mom bought my twin sister and me our first Dixie Chicks CD. She used to travel for work a few times a month, and one of the weeks that she was away, my dad helped my sister and I learn to sing the song “Long Time Gone” together. After a whole week of practicing, we performed it for my mom, and that performance was the beginning of my passion for music and – more specifically – for singing. My sister and I started singing everywhere we went: Christmas parties, the streets of downtown Dallas, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Times Square (right next to the “Naked Cowboy”!), and pretty much anywhere we could get the attention of a few people and sing for them. As I grew up, I got so distracted with preparing for college and doing homework and filling out applications that I stopped focusing on music. My junior year of high school, I started a local indie-rock band with my best friends, and we started playing at benefit concerts and coffee shops, and all of a sudden, I fell in love with singing and performing again.


But wait – what does any of this have to do with SMU?

Well, fast forward to college. Life gets busy again, band members scatter amongst different universities, and I forget, once again, to pursue what makes me feel the most alive. Thankfully, though, SMU helped me to remember.

At SMU, during Family Weekend every year, we have a talent show with acts ranging from singing to dancing to beat-boxing. The new drummer in my band and I got together and decided to audition with one of our original songs. We made it through auditions and we were able to actually perform at the talent show. It was absolutely exhilarating. If you’ve never performed something personal and precious on stage for your peers and family members, you might not know how nerve-wracking, yet rewarding it feels, and words could never do this feeling justice. But because of the opportunities that SMU provides for its students to really engage in what they love, I got to experience this feeling once again.


In addition to the Family Weekend Talent Show, I was given another opportunity to perform the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with one of my best friends at Celebration of Lights, one of SMU’s most notable traditions that takes place in early December every year and involves hot chocolate, live music, and Christmas lights. Once again, SMU afforded me the opportunity to show an audience what I love and what keeps me excited about life. I’m not a music major, and I could probably never be at the talent level of the students in Meadows School of the Arts, but I still get to live out my passion for music on a large scale because of SMU.

So, I might not be singing Dixie Chicks songs anymore, but I’m constantly reminded to pursue that 6-year-old’s dream here at SMU, 14 years after it all started.


By Jacqui Jacoby

Ambassadors Careers Life Around Dallas

The Method to my Madness

Dallas coffee shop, Method: Caffeination and Fare, has become a second home to me and immediately came to mind when I was tasked with finding a client for a news writing class’ semester-long project. The young, energetic owner Louie Corwin and his staff of expert baristas were already familiar faces, and I was excited for the opportunity to bring them publicity.

Over the span of this semester, I am volunteering to create a media kit, consisting of items such as a backgrounder, news story and press release for the coffee shop. From the project’s writing and publishing side to the shop’s main focus—the “method” behind coffee making, I am eager for all that I will learn. Already, I have had the chance to interview Corwin and have attended one of Method’s occasional, weekend brewing classes where I learned to brew my own cup of pour over coffee. DSC_0155

In pursuing this assignment and working to get my writing published in local papers, I am so grateful to SMU for affording me engaging, real world experiences that push me to learn beyond the classroom. Because of SMU, I am not just another statistic or name muttered during roll call but rather a “World Changer.”

By Austin Whittle

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D-Town Dining

Being from Dallas is excellent if you, like me, love food. Having the most restaurants per
capita in the entire United States ensures that every meal eaten off campus is not just a meal,
but an experience. The variety in cuisines and atmospheres in Dallas’ plethora of restaurants
make it the perfect place to live for a college foodie. When I arrived at SMU last year I made it
my mission to try as many places as possible before I graduate. So far I’d say I’ve done pretty

I’m a burgers and fries girl, so my quest for the perfect burger started just about the day I
moved in. Myself and my neighbor decided to check out The Porch, an up-and-coming,
self-described “down home” diner with a modern vibe. The burger I had there – complete
with bleu cheese and bacon – was incredible. Since then I’ve tried Grub Burger Bar, Hopdoddy’s,
East Hampton Sandwich Co., and Lark in the Park in Klyde Warren Park, among others.
They’ve all been fantastic, and that list will only grow as I branch out even further!
I’ve always been somewhat of a picky eater so getting me to try something new is kind of
like trying to get your cat to sit still for a bath. This year however, I’ve really tried to expand my
food horizons. To my surprise, the world hasn’t ended. I really enjoy Start, a restaurant
specializing in organic food off of Greenville Ave, and Rise No. 1, a restaurant that serves
soufflés – exclusively. Trying different foods offers a new dining experience; sometimes it’s
great, sometimes it’s not so great, but learning what you like and don’t like is half the battle of
becoming a foodie. image1

If one of the things you’re looking for in a city is a place with a vast array of restaurants to choose from, Dallas definitely is for you. From nationwide favorites like Pei Wei and Chipotle to local gems like Campisi’s and Mr. Mesero, Dallas offers a unique dining experience for you no matter what
your preferences are. My advice to SMU students, visitors and residents of Dallas is to take
full advantage of the restaurant scene here. Dallas dining is spectacular!

By Tammy Winters

Ambassadors Campus Life Life Around Dallas Spirit and Traditions

Summer on Campus

I am so excited that this summer I will be here on campus at SMU working AARO. For those that don’t know, AARO is an acronym for “Academic Advising Registration & Orientation” and I will be an AARO leader for next year’s first year students! I applied for the job way back in November and am pleased to say that I am a proud member of the 2015 Orientation team. As part of being an AARO Leader, we are required to take a class with Lindsay Koch and Jomita Fleming, two of the staff members in charge of the orientation programming here at SMU. We’ve been studying a lot about leadership and how to effectively allocate one’s skills to apply them in the best way possible. We have such a unique grouping of people and a mesh of backgrounds, and we truly are such a wonderful representation of the school’s diverse population. I am working with some friends that I’ve made over my two years as a student, and also have had the opportunity to get to know some people that I hadn’t met before. A couple Thursdays ago, we actually got a chance to see a Dallas Stars game at the American Airlines center with the whole “O-Squad.” It was great to do something so fun in the heart of Dallas, while also having the opportunity to introduce and familiarize myself with some of my co-workers and fellow Mustangs.

I can’t wait to meet the next wave of SMU students over the summer and help be a part of their integration into this fantastic school. Getting situated to a new school isn’t easy, but I want to make sure that the transition is as smooth and fun as possible. As always, Pony Up!

By Evan Giacomini

Ambassadors Life Around Dallas SMU Abroad

A Semester in Spain: Food I Already Crave

For those of you wanting to study abroad sometime during your four years in college, this one’s for you. Last semester I was fortunate enough to study in Madrid, Spain, through SMU-in-Madrid. Since returning back to SMU and being reunited with all of my friends, the first question I am obviously asked is, “How was abroad?” This question, although seemingly simple is actually hard to answer. It is difficult to answer because it is nearly impossible to convey with words how much I loved living in Spain for four months. Since to cover all of my experiences would take novels of great length, I will simply highlight the one universal that transcends any and all language barriers: food.
IMG_8341 The food in Spain was absolutely incredible. As instructed by our teachers and program administrators, I tried everything that was placed in front of me. Some of these things I will just keep in my memory (like “gulas,” basically fish in the form of spaghetti), while others I will continue to eat (like rabbit). Overall though, I loved the food. One of my favorite foods in Spain was the “jamón,” or in English, ham. But the jamón in Spain is by far superior to any ham we have in America. There are several types, ranging in price and quality, from Jamón Ibérico to Jamón Serrano. But regardless of the type or price, it is all cut fresh to order from the actual leg of the pig. It is paper thin, smooth, salty, and just absolutely amazing. If you see it on any menu, I highly suggest ordering it.

In addition to jamón being an integral part of the culture in Spain, tapas are another cultural aspect of Spain one is bound to encounter when there. Basically tapas are small plates to be shared among two to four people. The Spaniards spend a lot of time outside the home, as socializing over tapas is a tradition that dates back to the 13th century. One of my favorite tapas dishes is called “Patatas Bravas.” This dish is basically a mini pile of fried potatoes sliced into wedges, with a spicy red “salsa” (sauce) and a traditional aioli. It’s absolutely delicious and I recommend trying it. My other favorite tapas dish is “croquetas.” Croquetas are basically a compilation of potatoes, cheese, and usually some sort of meat, fried into cylinder shaped bite of gooey heaven. They are served warm, sometimes with an aioli, or sometimes served simply by themselves; regardless of how they come, they are most certainly worth ordering.

For a traditional Spanish restaurant here in Dallas where you can try all of the foods mentioned above, check out Café Madrid located right on Knox Henderson!

By Maggie Poxon

Life Around Dallas

Life Around Dallas: D-town Boogie

UntitledBy Austin Whittle

Dallas is no stranger to the music scene. Headline artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Drake and Lil Wayne have all made recent appearances in the Big D. Although not as well known as the artists I have previously mentioned, Echosmith, The Mowgli’s, and American Authors came to town as well, and my friends and I could not pass up the opportunity to see them. With Dallas being the affordable city that it is, tickets were less than $25! The bands played at the Granada—a small, local theatre less than a mile away from campus. All three acts were amazing and unforgettable.

As a total foodie, the night was made complete by some amazing food as well. Before the concert, my friends and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas called The Old Monk. The food did not end at dinner though! After the concert and to end the night, we all childishly indulged in some popsicles from an ice cream truck just outside the theatre. Overall, it was another exciting night in Dallas.

Coming from a small town in Georgia where the only fun thing to do is go to the movies and the only restaurants are chain restaurants, I can easily say how thankful I am to go to school in a city with such an awesome and accessible entertainment and food scene.