Why I Chose SMU

2016-05-27T11:32:43-05:00 Mar 4, 2016|General|

It’s hard to believe that three years ago I was a senior in high school, stressing about choosing the right university for me to spend the next four years. And I guess if you’re reading this you know what my decision ended up being. That’s right, I decided to pack up my stuff, leave Colorado [...]

Change Should be Exciting!

2015-11-18T11:37:08-06:00 Nov 18, 2015|General|

As you can see, we all love Texas! As a senior in the class of 2016, my second to last semester at SMU can most accurately be described as a 10-year old kid (me) taking his fully-grown German Shepherd on a run. I just can’t seem to keep up. All too often when [...]

Childhood to College

2015-11-18T11:28:38-06:00 Nov 18, 2015|Campus Life, General|

Baby me in Dallas I grew up in Orinda, California but I was born in Dallas at Baylor Medical Center. I took my first steps and spoke my first words in our house 2 miles south of the SMU campus. While my family loved our time in Dallas, my dad got a new [...]

Reflections of a Grad Student

2015-10-29T13:32:34-05:00 Oct 28, 2015|Academics, General|

Today marks exactly five months and eight days since I walked across the stage in Moody Coliseum to receive my bachelor’s degree from SMU. Not that I’m counting or anything. I always shrugged off all the “it goes by so fast” warnings from people slightly older than me. Man, were they spot on or what? [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2015-01-07T06:25:11-06:00 Dec 25, 2014|General|

By Ryan Herrscher I think I speak for all of the ambassadors here in the Office of Admission at SMU when I say that we are looking forward to the break and time off from our normal responsibilities. No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the time with family and friends and have a fantastic holiday season. [...]

Giving Back through Service

2015-01-07T06:28:19-06:00 Dec 22, 2014|General|

By Julius Henderson One beautiful aspect of college is having the opportunity engage many interests at one time. This fall, I’ve been able to expand my college experience and find new ways to learn through peers and within the Dallas community. Just before Thanksgiving Break this year, I was asked to sit on a success [...]

On the Way Out: A Senior’s Perspective

2015-01-07T06:14:04-06:00 Dec 15, 2014|General|

By John Morrow It’s a bittersweet place in which I find myself—two days away from my last undergraduate final exam. Although I won’t participate in graduation ceremonies until May due to a full-time internship next semester, my undergraduate education at SMU will effectively come to an end when I turn that last test on Wednesday [...]

Top 22: The Best Things About Winter

2014-12-05T12:02:55-06:00 Dec 1, 2014|General|

By Laura Spitler It’s that time of year again! The temperature is dropping, the year is drawing to a close, and the holidays are upon us. Here is my list of 22 of the Best Things about Winter in Dallas: 1.  Cozy SMU Apparel 2.  We get to see snow! …but it doesn’t last long [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hilltop!

2014-11-19T17:29:16-06:00 Nov 24, 2014|General|

By Ryan Herrscher Finals are just over the horizon with winter break and December graduation on the other side. All of those things bring stress, happiness, joy, and a general sense of excitement to our campus. This week though, we pause our hectic schedules and push aside the busyness of our daily routines. Thanksgiving provides a much needed [...]

Mustang for the Win

2014-10-01T12:36:12-05:00 Oct 3, 2014|General|

By Alex Porter In between classes and social life here at SMU, there are many opportunities to become involved in clubs sports and other intramurals. I was looking around for a club to join that I could apply my swimming and track background to. While looking for a club last semester, I took a PRW [...]

Comfort Zones: People Watching on Campus

2014-10-01T12:13:27-05:00 Sep 26, 2014|General|

By Tien Dang This is my favorite place on campus to people watch. From here, you can see couples coming together, friends leaving in different directions, that dude who's always long boarding everywhere, the cliques that students separate themselves into. On cloudy days, you can see where the ground ends and the sky begins. On [...]

Songs From (and for…) the Heart

2014-10-01T12:37:13-05:00 Sep 19, 2014|General|

By Nadine Kakish One of the first groups I got involved in at SMU was the female a cappella group on campus, the SMU Belle Tones. I have had the time of my life singing alongside 15 amazingly talented ladies, and we have had so many opportunities to sing at some incredible events, like the [...]

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