Unique Majors at SMU

Welcome to SMU! My name is Jack Davis, and I am a current senior from Newport Beach, CA. There are seemingly endless majors here at SMU, ranging from finance in the Cox School of Business, to engineering in the Lyle School of Engineering. I, however, am a somewhat unique SMU student because there are only around 40 students in my major!

I am in the BFA Studio Art program in the Meadows School of the Arts, which only admits around 7-10 students a year. This small, intimate major has provided me with all sorts of amazing opportunities, such as collaborating and growing with my peer cohort, and the opportunity to do one-on-one classes with my art professors. What makes our major even more unique is that we are interdisciplinary, meaning that we all work in different mediums. My concertation within the BFA is film production and photography, while other BFA students focus in the areas of sculpture, drawing, painting, and digital/hybrid media.

Over the four years we have spent together, we have all become very close friends, and all have diverse interests and involvements including Greek life, campus clubs, and sports. I have been very fortunate to be able to study in this program the last four years and would highly encourage anyone interested in a rare or unique major to take a risk and pursue it!


Pony Up!

Jack MacKenzie Davis, BFA ‘21