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Taking Care of Yourself at SMU

Hi all! My name is Anna Musich and I am a sophomore studying Marketing and Spanish with minors in Music, Economics and Advertising here at SMU. Yes, that may be a long list however I find a reality of college life is simply being busy. Another reality, that I did not realize until the middle of freshman year, is also knowing how to take care of yourself. Amongst the busy life of a college student, it can be hard to discern priorities and more often than not, self-care can be placed on the back burner. As one of the many busy students on campus, working jobs and being very involved on campus, I am frequently guilty of ignoring my needs. Coming back to campus this semester after a long-needed break, and amongst the midst of a pandemic, I realize how necessary for success self-care is for a successful college experience.

Hydrate or Diedrate!
My Class Schedule!

Now, don’t get me wrong I love face masks, sweet treats, and chill nights as much as the next person however, staying healthy and happy more involves creating a routine in which you can thrive. My schedule is hectic; however, I have found setting aside time for meals and snacks throughout the day helps me slow down and is also an opportunity to catch up with friends. When scheduling my classes I do my best to make sure I have time to eat.

This past Wednesday I went with my friends to the new Panera! The time I allotted myself to slow down and enjoy a meal with friends allows me to recharge. Their pick 2 menu is my favorite and I usually pair mac and cheese with a sandwich 🙂

Unfortunately, a designated lunch time did not work out with my schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I am online from 9:30-2pm. However, within the 10-minute breaks I make sure to have a granola bar, go-go squeez, popcorn, and/or dried apricots on hand so I can snack and keep my energy up! Pro tip: Always have a water bottle on hand, as you need to remember to drink water!

On campus, we have a ton of religious organizations and I love all the different services they provide! Personally, I am Catholic and this week they happened to offer Spanish services. I normally go every Sunday and is a set to slow down within a larger community. This has been critical with keeping my stress levels manageable.

Finally, I finished out the week spending time with friends and playing Cards Against Humanity, hanging up a new picture for the dorm room, and giving our selves fake tanner “tattoos” while eating Oreos. While these are not extravagant events, the small things are what make college memorable.

At the end of the day, I have a set night routine before bed. After all the work is done for the day, I like to dance around my room before bed, or play frisbee in the quad, or just watch Netflix. I often go to bed late (and right now it is quite late as I’m writing) but my routine always stays the same, washing my face, lotion and my pink fluffy headband. Again, finding these small parts of my daily routine in which I can incorporate time where I take care of my physical and mental health is what allows me to have more fun and success on campus.

All this to say, it’s not that I don’t get stressed (or I don’t get dehydrated;), and in no means am I perfect at all this. I probably will refer to this article for reference and taking my own advice.


I hope this is helpful and you can find inspiration to start taking care of yourself in the best way possible!

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