Academics Ambassadors

Isolated but not Alone

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Musich, and I am a rising sophomore at SMU. Currently, I am pursuing a marketing and Spanish major with minors in music, advertising and economics. With the end of the year cut short, keeping in touch with friends has been at the top of my priority list. Many events and plans were cancelled for the end of the year, but thankfully with the help of technology, not all was lost. Here are some of the things my friends and I do to stay in touch!

CHAS, or College Hispanic American Students, had a movie night over zoom where we watched the comedy “How to be a Latin Lover”. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard during a movie, plus the additional commentaries in our group chat had all of us cracking up. We were able to say goodbye to our seniors and catch up with member who we hadn’t seen in a while. Knowing our community is still there for us, was reassuring and definitely was one of the highlights of quarantine.

The game “Skribbl” has quickly become a staple of my friend group.

Our Ultimate Frisbee team was supposed to have sectionals, regionals and nationals, in April and May. All three tournaments, which we have been building up to this whole year, were cancelled. Quarantine has eliminated the ability to meet as a team, but online we still root each other on and keep the idea of team alive. We share playlists to dance to, memes, and even congratulated our seniors on their graduation within our group chat. The executive team has been planning out our next season, and we are currently working on a quarantined frisbee video, so we can “play” together without being together. By next season, we hope to maintain our existing team bonds and grow our frisbee family!

Lastly, outside student organizations, my friends and I have been meeting over zoom to play games, chat, and grab lunch together. Those conversations are always delightful whether it be about painting, baking or hula hooping. A couple of us are fans of the K POP band BTS, and while we were disappointed we could no longer attend their concert, so we decided to have a small dance party over zoom while listening to their music. It was nothing elaborate and it even though it was very out of sync, dancing with other people was super entertaining and made the day just a little better. Spending time with friends virtually has made all the difference in the world during the quarantine. Hopefully this article inspires you to reach out and plan a little get together online!

Remember to stay happy and healthy, and Pony up!

Anna Musich

Class of 2023