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A Big Smood

 Hey, y’all! Our names are Ian Perkins-Smith (‘21) and Palmer Beldy (‘22), and we love listening to music. Whether it’s bopping to a new playlist while we are studying in Fondren or cheering on Ian and the Mustang Band at football games, we always like to keep it fun and jam out. Because of this, it’s only right that we made a playlist that we think fits SMU’s vibe. There are a bunch of dope songs to listen to, but we curated our top ten songs to give you a preview of what life is like at SMU. We have a lot to offer you here, and hopefully, these songs can help you see yourself as a Mustang.

The Top 10 Best Songs to Get You in the Smood

  1. All my Exes live in Texas – George Strait

George Strait is an absolute, bona fide, Texas legend, so we included one of his most iconic songs on the playlist. Throughout the song, George shouts out a few Texas cities and how it’s a place that he would “dearly love to be”, and we know you will say the same thing after your first semester. If you aren’t from the South, you might start saying the word “y’all,” or you might pick up a pair of cowboy boots – who knows! All we do know is that you’re going to love Dallas.

  1. Hotel California – The Eagles

C’mon – who doesn’t love this classic? We love Texas, but we also love the out of state kids! There are students from all over the country and from around the world on the Hilltop, and you will get to meet tons of new people during your time at SMU. We know that a lot of students come from California, so here’s a shout out to show some California Love and welcome everybody from the wild, wild west.

  1. American Teen – Khalid

Khalid is now an honorary Mustang after he performed at SMU last spring! Program Council, a student programming organization on campus, was able to plan a big concert for the student body, but there are so many other ways to get involved on campus. With over 200 organizations, you can do big things here at SMU, and maybe even meet a celebrity or two along the way!

  1. Sunday Best – Surfaces

This song touches on the relaxation, being carefree, and the persistent nature of the SMU spirit, but the title highlights the other side of the SMU community as well. While maintaining good vibes, Mustangs really know how to dress! You can see fellow Mustangs dressed to the nines at Boulevards before football games, important meetings, and other special events that happen around campus.

  1. Sure Thing- Miguel

Just like cash and the rubber band and a match and a fuse (boom!), you and SMU are a sure thing. We can’t wait for you to start your SMU journey!

  1. Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede

Boulevarding in the Fall, Perunapalooza, Moody Magic, and so much more – once you experience what it means to be a Mustang, there is no going back. You’ll be hooked on SMU!

  1. Texas Sun – Leon Bridges, Khruangbin

Although it gets hot (and we mean really hot) in Texas, nothing can beat a bright, sunny day in Dallas. Make sure to grab a blanket and soak up some rays on Dallas Hall Lawn, or snap some pictures of an infamously beautiful Dallas sunset.

  1. Down – Jay Sean, Lil Wayne

If you are down, there is always something to do in Dallas. Sporting events, concerts, a killer art scene, or even just walking around Uptown with your friends – you name it! So, make sure you are down, down, down, down, down to explore this fantastic city.



  1. Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me? – Lawrence

Sometimes you need to slow down and maybe do a little bit of nothing! Dallas Hall Lawn is a beautiful sprawl of grass in front of our undeniably iconic Dallas Hall. When it’s warm outside, especially in the spring, people love to hang out with friends, play Spikeball, hammock, or even do homework there. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re a full-time human and not just a full-time student.

  1. Get Down On It – Kool and the Gang

Mustangs love a good get together, and we know that this song represents that part of the SMU community. Mustangs love to bust a move, whether it’s at formals, in the stands at a football game, or honestly in Fondren library (as a study break, of course), and Kool and the Gang gives you the best opportunity to do just that.

Honorary Mention: Bartender – T-Pain, Akon

We’re not gonna lie, we just love this song, BUT it’s a jam nonetheless. Just like the bartender in this song thinks T-Pain is cool, we think you’re cool, and we can’t wait to meet you in the Fall!

For all 90+ songs, tap the link below. Thanks for reading our post, and we can’t wait for you to experience SMU!


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(As fun as President Turner and our staff are, this playlist is not endorsed by the university – this is just for fun and made independently by us!)

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