Meet Audrey!

Name: Audrey Ngo / Ngô Quế Anh

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Health & Society / French

Why SMU? Financial Opportunity + Dallas connections 

Favorite thing about SMU? Abundance of shady areas on campus to nap or read outside. 

Favorite place on campus? Bridwell Library- prettiest place to study!

Words of Advice to Diverse Applicants: Don’t let the crowd get you down- you being confident in yourself is the greatest advantage you have in any path in life.

Additional Highlights about your personal story: (i.e. scholarships, work study, ability to pay, exposure to new cultures, unique experiences, faculty, student organizations, etc.): Get involved, get involved, get involved. SMU, being a primarily white institution, provides the perfect environment for a diverse student to rise above their peers at more prestigious schools. Being involved in Student Senate, SMU Debate, a sorority, and College Democrats has given me more connections to potential careers than I ever could have imagined.

By Zoe Patterson