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Asosiación de Empresarios Mexicanos

The past couple of years have been exciting for Latino students at SMU. This is because SMU recently inaugurated its chapter of AEM (Asosiación de Empresarios Mexicanos), an organization that aims to connect Latino students interested in business with each other, as well as with entrepreneurs from across the world. Even though this is a Mexican organization, it is open to all Latino and American students. The AEM’s executive board is composed of many of my best friends and some of the most intelligent and entrepreneurial minded students on campus. Because of this, the organization promises a huge success. For example, some of the exciting events that the AEM has hosted so far have been networking mixers at Quill (an up and coming hip lounge in the Dallas Design District), an SMU-TCU pool party at SISU, a speaker series featuring important leaders like Felipe Calderón (former president of México) and Latino tents during the Boulevards. Having Latino tents has been a great way for the Latino community to get to know one another. It is also a fun place where students that are not affiliated with a Greek organization can enjoy the Boulevard, one of SMU’s favorite traditions. In addition, the AEM has started a philanthropy program called Young Leaders of Tomorrow, a mentoring program in which the members of AEM will be paired up with low-income Latino high school students with similar interests. In my experience, being a member of the AEM has been a rewarding opportunity, since it has allowed me to have incredible moments with my best friends while I prepare for the business world of tomorrow.

Sofia Castells

By Zoe Patterson