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Study Spots around Dallas

Though Fondren Library is a great spot to study, sometimes you need to find a different atmosphere away from campus to really be productive. Because of Dallas’ hundreds of different popular study spots, I would like to recommend three that provide not only delicious treats, but also a prime studying environment.


Union – This coffee shop is barely five minutes from campus and offers delicious drinks and pastries while providing a multitude of different study spaces ranging from bean bags to tables. Not only this, but the friendly staff is extremely welcoming, giving Union a warm atmosphere.


Café Brazil –  If you are looking for a more upbeat, late night study spot, Café Brazil is the place for you. The vibrant walls, bottomless coffee bar and famous chocolate chip pancakes allow you to take on your studying with a new, more positive attitude.


Royal Blue Grocery – Though groceries are not usually go-to study spots, this Highland Park shop includes a cozy coffee bar with seating not only along the wall, but also in the loft above.



Rebecca Brewbaker

By Zoe Patterson