Residence Life and Student Housing

What I love About Being an RA

09-16-vafaIt’s move-in day. You’ve prepared all week for 40 new residents to move into your hall. The anticipation awaits of what your floor dynamic will be this year. Will you have a quiet floor? A rowdy floor? Or, worst of all, a messy floor? No one knows, but the one thing I did know was that being responsible for the 40 people moving in on my floor during move-in day gave me a sense of joy and responsibility.

This is my third year being an RA, and I can solemnly say my favorite part is the relationships I get to build with my new residents. Each year it is an opportunity to make 40 new friendships that will last a life time. While my residents think they rely on me for a majority of their unknown thoughts and concerns regarding college, I equally rely on them for the experience and adventure they bring me. While at times you feel like you have cleaned up someone’s mess one too many times, you have to remember the perks of the job.

All in all, the RA experience has shaped my time at college. Over the course of the past three years, I have had countless stories and memories I can share; most of which people will doubted by people questioning if something that ridiculous could actually ever occur. But at the end of the day, I’ve made and developed over 120 friendships that I am forever thankful for.

-Vafa Behzadpour

By Bridget Anderson