Seniors, You Will Be Missed!

03.16 Anna Scott PhillipsSpring is full swing here at the Hilltop! I just go the opportunity to sit in an alumnus seats at the Seniors last Basketball game. It is amazing to watch our student body rally around our student athletes. I think one of the most touching parts of this game (besides the big win against UCONN) was the senior speeches at the end of the game. Each of the seniors commented on the amount of positive change has happened since their freshman year. They noted that now, the stands are spilling over with support and lines for miles for entry into Moody Coliseum. Hearing head Coach Larry brown comment on the commitment of the players and our student body had many on lookers tearing up! This school has many proud moments, but this one had crowds of people gathered around to hear about the complete 180 of a program now near and dear to our heart.  After the game, the students gathered to sing “The Varsity”, which is a tradition for all athletic events at SMU.  After the game we sung of all alma mater, with men who have grown and devoted themselves to not only the program but this university. Thank you seniors!  You will be missed.

-Anna Scott Phillips

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By Bridget Anderson


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