Believing in Basketball

Tammy WinterI’m not saying SMU basketball got me through the end of last semester, but SMU basketball got me through the end of last semester. Tests, homework, personal issues — all of it goes away every time I get to watch SMU basketball play. It probably sounds silly, but if you haven’t already I implore you to watch a game. If you can, go see an SMU basketball game live; it’s even better. This team embodies Moody Magic in every sense of the phrase.

It’s not as simple as saying our basketball team is great, although statistically it is one of the best teams in the entire country. The real story is in how this team has survived hit after hit and just keeps getting better. They’re a joy to watch, and the energy on our team and in the audience palpable every time the school comes together in Moody Coliseum to watch them play. It’s probably also the reason everyone from former President George W. Bush to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to Mavs start Chandler Parsons wants in on the action.

What makes our team special is that there isn’t one star; each player is pretty invaluable made more so by the fact that currently there are 7 scholarship players on the roster). Nic Moore comes to mind immediately; his skill as a point guard regularly makes him the subject of national conversation. Then there’s Jordan Tolbert, our senior transfer from Texas Tech who has one of the highest individual percentages of offensive rebounds in the entire country. Or Shake Milton, the freshman who’s already had a pretty great year, and by all accounts has a great future to look forward to as he grows as a point guard. The same goes for Jeray Foster, who’s already starting to come into his own. Marcus Kennedy is impossible to guard; he’s not afraid to drive the ball to the basket, and the fact that he’s taller than almost everyone on the court at any given time doesn’t hurt either. Ben Moore and Sterling Brown, our two junior players, work incredibly well together and are versatile; you can count them for anything from stellar 3-pointers to consistent free-throw shooting. And with basketball’s successful recruiting of Tom Wilson and Harry Froling, two excellent Australian seniors, the future looks brighter than ever for SMU basketball.
Watching SMU this season I’ve gotten the distinct feeling that I’m actually watching a future ESPN 30 for 30 unfold – I hope I’m right.

-Tammy Winter

By Bridget Anderson


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