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Traditions at the Residential Commons

02.16 Evan GiacominiOn February 6, SMU had its own version of Mardi Gras in the form of Krewe de Ware. Each year the Residential Commons system has the unique opportunity to sponsor different events throughout the semesters on campus. With the new housing system in place, and thriving, Ware commons was able to throw an event that brought a little bit of New Orleans to our school here in Dallas that paralleled the celebrations going on one state over.

Flyers and posters had been circulating campus for a couple weeks now and the attendance was great. Complete with an array of green, yellow, and purple decorations, a live band playing upbeat music, free food, and an acrobatics team of giant hoola hoop dancing, unicycle juggling, and spitting fire, the event was something I’d never seen before. I even got to be pretty adventurous and try a meal I’d never even thought about eating before, crawfish. Seafood has been a huge part of my life since I grew up less than ten minutes away from a beach in California but I’d never had the opportunity to give crawfish a try before this weekend. To me, it just seemed like way too much work just for one measly bite of meat, but everyone around me had such a good time with it and I could see why it is so popular.

Events like Krewe de Ware are commonplace at SMU and I am so happy to go to a school where there is never a dull moment. I got to see many of my Ware friends enjoying the food, music, and atmosphere and many others enjoying the success of the event. After just two short years, the commons have created traditions I am confident will far outlive my time as a student. I’m so excited to see the future of the commons system and the heights that each can reach.

— Evan Giacomini

By Bridget Anderson


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