Texas & What I’ve Learned

Half of SMU’s student body comes from outside the great state of Texas. Hailing from Colorado, I contribute to that 50% and in my two years here at SMU, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to be from Texas. So here are a few things this Coloradan has noticed about Texas:

1.) Every Texan knows the words to “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and if you’re coming from out of state, I highly recommend that you start by learning which parts require clapping.
2.) Texas is relatively flat compared to back home. Coming from Colorado, I always knew what direction I was heading because the mountains are always to my west. Here there is no such thing as a natural compass point, so I’ve learned to navigate using Dallas landmarks!
3.) It’s amazing how common it is to find a waffle in the shape of Texas!


4.) Back home, 15” of snow may not even get you a delayed start at school, let alone a snow day, but in Texas, ½” of ice is enough to shut down an entire city. Don’t let the difference in accumulation fool you though, the ice is slick!
5.) Every high school football game is like a scene out of Friday Night Lights. Texans love their football.
6.) Fall colors don’t burst onto the scene until late November because the temperature is still warm!
7.) Breakfast tacos are a big deal.
8.) The State Fair of Texas really does have every kind of fried food item imaginable. It also has real live alligators… (and fried alligator, if that’s your thing)

State Fair

9.) Texans have truly struck gold with the word “y’all”. The more I use it, the more I’m convinced that it’s perfect for those situations when you need to say “you guys” or “everybody”.
10.) There is a difference between grilling and BBQ!

By Quincy Schurr

By Claire Piepenburg


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