Back To Where It All Began

Some might say that going back to visit one’s high school sounds like the worst idea ever, reminiscent of awkward stages and that one teacher that everyone couldn’t stand, but not me. Having been raised in Dallas, I went to high school not ten minutes from SMU campus at Ursuline Academy of Dallas and had the most amazing four years I could have asked for! I discovered passions and interests in high school that I’ve continued to pursue here at SMU, like student travel and a student ambassador program. So, when SMU asked us as tour guides to visit our high schools over winter break to represent the university, I was absolutely ecstatic. Nadine Having served as a tour guide at Ursuline, I was so happy to be able to come back to put the skills that Ursuline had taught me, and that SMU had cultivated in me, to use. Me and my fellow tour guide and friend, Anna Scott Phillips, sat down with seven Ursuline seniors and answered any and all questions these girls had about SMU. I was so happy to be able to relate to them so easily, having graduated from Ursuline only 2 years prior to my visit. This experience also reminded me of the benefits of attending a university in the city I’m so familiar with. I was so happy that SMU was able to provide me with an amazing opportunity to return to my beloved high school in order to sit down for the sole purpose of discussing the university I now love so much! I had such a great time at Ursuline and I can’t wait to see what other amazing opportunities SMU will line up for me in my college career!

By Nadine Kakish

By Claire Piepenburg


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