By Billy Hightower

This summer I had the awesome experience of finding an Internship through SMU at Park Place Mercedes Benz. I found my internship through an SMU career fair, at which one of the members of the HR department was a Mustang!

My first day in the office, one of the managers threw me a set of keys to a brand new CL63 AMG and asked me to drop it off to one of his clients. From there my experiences as an intern only continued to grow, from sitting in meetings with full departments to helping devise strategies for process improvement techniques throughout the dealership. By the end of the summer I even got to drive a Bentley! I also got a discount and was able to buy a new car!

There are so many opportunities for our students through the SMU Hegi Career Center. SMU is able to set its students up with these wonderful internship experiences by being the only show in town when it comes to being a university directly in the city of Dallas.