Road Trip to Austin

By John Morrow

Texas summers provide plenty of opportunities for students to travel throughout the state. This past weekend, a group of friends and I took a road trip down to Austin. We kicked off Saturday morning with breakfast at Texas Honey Ham (I highly recommend the breakfast tacos). After stuffing our faces, we hopped into our cars and made our way Morrowto San Marcos, TX; a popular starting point for floating the river. With plenty of sunscreen (or so we thought) and water, we grabbed our inner tubes and began our “three” hour float of the San Marcos river.

There were so many people on the river that it seemed liked all of Texas decided to float with us! Needless to say, our three hour float quickly became a five hour affair. A combination of college students, locals, and an eccentric group of Yo-Pros sporting suits (on a river!) presented some of the best people watching Texas can provide. Halfway through the float, we noticed a Mustang hat down the river! After a few minutes of frantic paddling, we caught up and introduced ourselves. Turns out they were fellow students and we even have a class together in the fall.

You never know where the Mustang family is going to find you!

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