Intern Life at AT&T

imageBy Liz Dubret

This summer I had the best job interning at AT&T. I got the best of both worlds, because I got to work at the headquarters in Downtown Dallas and at the innovation center, the Foundry, in Plano. The two different environments were really cool to experience. One is your typical corporate America business center that is comprised of four buildings and an entire plaza. But the other is not your typical work space. We ride scooters around the office, take phone calls on couches, and stay physically fit by walking while working at the treadmill desk. I got to work on two really interesting projects and even participated in a product launch. The program also planned fun activities for us to do as an intern class: movie night, Rangers games, sand volleyball, etc. It was a great way to bond with the people I spent every day working with. All in all, it was a great summer working and having fun.


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