Dining with Decision Makers

By Will Slack

SMU is a unique university. Our university’s administration welcomes suggestions and ideas from students regarding university improvement and policy change. One venue in which students are able to voice concerns and ideas is through the Dining with Decision Makers event. Held annually, this event is coordinated by the University’s Board of Trustees and allows students the opportunity to meet and speak with current board members. The Board of Trustees exists to guide and direct the university to further our mission statement, budget for future growth/capital improvement, and improve the student experience. During this event students are treated to a formal dinner with trustees. This dinner allows students to speak candidly with board members, thank them for their contributions to the university, and discuss student needs. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Dining with Decision Makers 2013. Undoubtedly, this has been one of my favorite SMU memories; I had the opportunity to speak with engaging board members and glimpse the future of our university. While SMU is focused on the past and present, we place a heavy emphasis on where the university can be in the future. I can truthfully say SMU is heading in an exciting direction and incoming student leaders (future Mustangs) have the opportunity to work with the university’s administration and board members to shape this future.

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