I’m From Manhattan. Manhattan, Kansas That is…#TBT

By Andrew Galloway

On this #ThrowBackThursday, I reflect back on the days at SMU way before Twitter and even (gasp) “The” Facebook.  Coming to SMU from Manhattan, Kansas in 2004 was, let’s say, a change of pace.  Apparently, and I still don’t believe this, jean shorts and calf-high socks with sandals were not “in style.” 

Despite my supposed fashion no-no’s I still found a place at SMU.  Living in the Virginia-Snider honors residence hall was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Not only did I get to tell my football teammates that I was living in the Honors dorm and thus cooler than all of them, but I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people that are some of my best friends today.  Whether it’s Varun from Plano, Texas (groomsman in his wedding), Thomas from Pearland, TX (groomsman in his wedding) or Hunter from Rutledge, Georgia (best man in his wedding), these friendships were all built at SMU and are life-lasting.

Some pretty amazing things happened to me during my time at SMU.  Former President George W. Bush held a political rally on campus, I met Tony Blair, I had four internships for top-notch marketing firms, we beat TCU in football, and my mother and I were flown to the White House in recognition of SMU getting named the site for the Bush Presidential Library and Political Institute.  All of these opportunities may happen at other schools, but it is so rare that all of them would happen at a school the size of SMU and to person like me that didn’t know anyone prior to coming to SMU.  Whether it’s a big-time internship that you seek or an intimate conversation with a world leader, SMU gives you the chance to actually experience these things first-hand.  I can honestly say that I would have been happy at a lot of different schools, but the opportunities for me to have incredibly rare experiences at SMU were unmatched.

As an incredibly proud Co-Chair of the Class of 2008 5-Year Reunion (I’m officially old), I can’t help but marvel at what lies in store for future Mustangs.  With the opening of the Bush Presidential Center, 5 brand-new residence halls to accomodate sophomores, and the move to the Big East with a brand new Moody Coliseum, SMU is just an unbelievable place to be a part of right now.  These massive construction projects are just the tip of the iceberg.   Who knows what phenomenal speakers SMU will bring to campus during your years at SMU or what exciting changes Dallas holds for the future. 

All I do know is this. It is an incredible time to be a Mustang at SMU and I couldn’t be more proud of my alma mater or of being a life-long member of the Mustang family.  Pony Up!

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