Make your Destination SMU

By Brie Strickland

The scariest time frame for any high school senior is the one in between submitting an application and the fateful day when a specially marked envelope is delivered. For those accepted there is a great sigh of relief until they realize they are not 100% sure on a school yet. Luckily, for accepted SMU students there is Destination SMU, better known as #DSMU in the social media realm. Destination SMU is two-day, overnight program that gives accepted students a greater look into the life of a SMU student. Special events includes “Taste of Dallas”, a lunch time event catered by some of my personal favorites- all of which are located within walking distance of SMU. Students are even given the option to stay overnight in one of the residence halls. The first event this year ended with ice cream sandwiches and a photo booth outside of Dallas Hall!

[Pictured: SMU Student Ambassadors Devin, Brie, Ramon and Phillip with newly committed Mustang, Joey Caruso]

Destination SMU is always one of my very favorite events of the spring because so many students commit to SMU right on the spot after this final visit. It reminds me of just three short years ago when I was a wide-eyed and enthusiastic high school senior. It’s funny to think that I’ve come so far since that time and how my love for SMU has only grown. I can’t wait for the next Destination SMU when hopefully even more accepted students will realize that SMU could be their new home!

Pony up!

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