By Ramon Trespalacios

What is being a hipster? I’ve always wondered, is it just not being mainstream? Going against the flow? Is it having a meager lifestyle?  Or just living life and acting without fear of judgment? In my opinion, hipsters don’t want to be categorized into social groups or norms; nonetheless there is a name for them (or us). One thing is for sure, hipsters exist and we all live together in harmony.

When I got to the states, two years ago I was starting a new era in my life. I was entering a world with different habits, customs, and culture. I became friends with people from different backgrounds (the Northeast, the West Coast, Asia, Europe). I basically encountered a clash of cultures.  I was immediately intrigued by the hipster philosophy.

A friend once told me, “Hey Ramon, let’s go study to this hipster coffee shop I know in uptown.” I agreed on his suggestion. I’m always willing to get to know new places and explore Dallas. We arrived to the location, and from the outside it just appeared to be an old house in the neighborhood with white walls. When we walked into the place, I noticed that the front steps were crooked and the door did not have a lock. My friend pushed it and we crossed the threshold into a new ambiance. Alternative music was playing and the fashion of the frequenters was totally novel to my eyes. I would say that there was a feeling of independence in the air.    It felt good, the room was unaffected by judgment. I got my iced coffee, sat in a wobbly stool, and studied with my friend for three hours. Time went by so fast, and I was able to get so much done. I was hipsterized.

Going to college is going to be a change in your life, and I strongly encourage you to explore and embrace your randomness (obviously making safe decisions). I believe that we need to take advantage of the opportunities that arise when the clash of cultures occur. At SMU, I have found people from all walks of life, and honestly it has helped me become the person I am today.

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