Making Memories with George W. Bush

By Kevin Hess

One of the groups that I’m involved in on campus recently had the opportunity to hear a “VIP Guest Speaker” before we all went to go see Sanjay Gupta give a Lecture as part of SMU’s Tate Lecture Series. We all showed up anxious to see who this mystery person would be. We were then surprised as a member of SMU’s Board of Trustees introduced President George W. Bush to our small group of 60-70 students. We were then treated to about 45 minutes of simply question-answer conversation with the former president. After this, we headed to a banquet hall where I shook Dr. Gupta’s hand before dinner and hearing his lecture. It was the night of a lifetime and an incredible opportunity that SMU made possible for me. These kind of nights truly show how much SMU cares about their students and making us better—Pony Up!

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