Powerful Resources: Utilizing Office Hours

I believe office hours are the most underutilized resource on campus. Office hours not only help a student’s understanding of course material, they provide students with the opportunity to build relationships with their professors. I make an effort to visit each of my professors in office hours at least once during the semester. My most memorable office hour experience happened the fall semester of my first year. After my professor answered my questions about course content and clarified the material I was having trouble understanding, she stopped and said, “Enough about my class; how are you doing?” While it seems like a simple question, it spoke volumes to me. Here was a high profile professor with a multitude of tasks to accomplish and she was interested is how I was doing. SMU sets itself apart from other universities because of professor quality; our professors are not only interested in their subject but their students as well. My experience is not isolated. By and large, our professors are interested in helping students succeed, find internships, writing letters of recommendation, and career counseling. Professors are integral to a student’s university experience.

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