SMU Abroad: Expand Your Horizons

By Liz Dubret and Will Slack

How would you like to spend an entire semester studying advertising and art in India? Or live in Oxford, England and study politics at one of the oldest universities on earth during the summer? At SMU, study abroad programs like these are not only feasible but highly encouraged. One of my favorite aspects about SMU is their commitment to develop the whole student. Simply stated, SMU’s culture is designed create diverse, well-rounded students who are (and will continue to be) leaders across the globe. SMU’s study abroad programs are just one of the many ways you can become more well-rounded and improve your college experience. If you ever get the chance, check out and see which of the more than 100 programs peaks your interest. This website can help you find a program, determine its cost, and help you plan an unforgettable experience. The SMU Abroad Office also offers abroad internships in places like England and Australia.

I spent my summer in Oxford, England at SMU-in-Oxford. When I showed up at University College, I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and resemblance to Harry Potter. The program was amazing! I took one class from an SMU Professor and one from an Oxford Professor.  The SMU class was completely different than anything I had ever taken. I took class from Bonnie Wheeler who embodied the method of teaching and learning outside of the box. She engaged us for every second of the class, even though it was divided by a much needed tea break! Taking a class from an Oxford Professor was eye opening and intimidating because he taught in a completely different style. I took class Monday through Thursday, and the program traveled on Fridays. They took us all over England to help enhance our cultural experience. My favorite places they took us were the palaces and castles! I got to pretend for a little while that I lived there and that it was my home :). They also took us to London for three days on class – my favorite mini trip was to a London Reform Club. It was fancy and high society and we got to learn more about Medieval England from the members.  With the weekends free I traveled all over the British Isles! My favorite weekend trip was to Edinburgh. I went with my best friend and we spent the weekend soaking up the culture, beautiful weather, and making sure that we hit the café where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. My Oxford experience was the best time I have had so far at SMU!

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