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Staying Motivated: The Power of Freedom

By Brie Strickland

I am by no means a morning person, so waking up before dawn three days a week is a daunting challenge. On mornings where my bed is extra snuggly I question why I signed up to take three back-to-back Communications clases so early in the day. As I climb up the stairs of the Umphrey Lee Center each morning, I remember why I choose to be a Communications major instead of getting an extra hour of sleep. Outide the Umphrey Lee Center, the powerful words that constitute our First Amendment are carefully carved into limestone.

Just as former presidential candidate Romney tapped his hand against his “Clear Eyes. Full Heart. Can’t Lose” sign above his door, I too graze my hand against the cold stone each time I enter the building. The building reminds me of the freedoms of this great nation. I am a Communications major because my voice means something in America. I realize that at SMU my world class professors are preparing me to use this voice to move our country forward. My inspiration comes from the First Amendment. It is a constant reminder of the freedoms I enjoy each day and my privledge to be able to speek on behalf of those who fail to have a voice. The SMU Communications department has made me a powerful voice and advocate, and I am so grateful to be able to freely excercise such rights.

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