Election Day on the Hilltop!

By Katelyn Hall

Hello everyone! Whether Republican or Democrat, SMU students are excited for Election Day! All of my friends have either cast their absentee ballots or are headed to the polling stations today to participate in electing our next President!

I’m actually in a political science class on presidential elections right now. In that class, we analyze different polling techniques, campaigns, the structure of the Electoral College, etc. It’s especially interesting to learn about these things during the election season.

Today was my first time voting for president, and I have to say, it was really exciting! Tonight the excitement will continue on campus as we watch the votes roll in at election night watch parties. I live on campus in Virginia Snider Hall, and we’re having a watch party with lots of food and friends.

I can’t wait to watch the results come in tonight and talk about them in my presidential elections class tomorrow!

By Kellen Lewis


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