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Expanding Horizons

By Laura Spitler

I want to talk about a piece of advice I heard multiple times before arriving at college: Try something new.

College is such a perfect time to expand your horizons.  For some students that may mean getting SCUBA certified through your wellness class, for others it may mean learning that foreign language you have always been curious about.  This advice translated to me joining SMU’s Ballroom Dance team my freshman year. SMU hosts an event for freshman the first week of classes called Night at the Club, where most of the clubs and organizations set up tables and give you an idea of all there is to get involved with. This is a great place to search for your new passion.  Learning a new skill is such a fun way to make friends.  Whenever you get plugged in on campus, you feel more connected and you’re likely to have a better freshman experience than those that stay holed-up in their rooms.

I definitely found my niche with the ballroom dance team.  I really appreciate that ballroom has familiar aspects to my extracurricular activity in high school, yet has allowed me to learn a completely new skill and meet some fabulous people.  Just two weekends ago, 30 of us road tripped down to Rice University to dance in a big collegiate competition.

I want to pass the advice I received onto all of you prospective students.  Don’t join the French club in college just because that’s what you did in high school.  Take some time to re-evaluate your interests and consider something new!

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