Austin Baldwin is a Professor in the Psychology Department at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He directs research in the Health Behavior Lab that focuses on understanding the affective, cognitive, and motivational factors that influence individuals’ decisions to engage in and maintain health behaviors. In recent years, this work has largely focused in the domains of physical activity and vaccinations. Together with his students and collaborators, they conduct studies in both laboratory and field settings designed to address questions about (a) the bi-directional relations between health behaviors and related affective, cognitive, and motivational factors, (b) how to effectively target and test these factors in behavioral interventions, and (c) the conceptualization and measurement of health behavior constructs. In addressing both basic science questions about health behavior and working to develop and test effective interventions, his research has clear theoretical, clinical, and public health implications.

Graduate Students

Bree Geary is a sixth year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program. Before joining the Health Behavior Lab, Bree received her Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College in Psychology.  She also received her Master of Public Health from University of Southern California where she worked in the Health, Emotion, and Addiction Lab. Bree’s research interests include health behavior change, specifically related to physical activity, mindfulness, meditation, and eating behaviors. Bree is currently a pre-doctoral intern at the Loma Linda VA Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA.

Undergraduate Students

We currently have 10 undergraduate students working in the lab as research assistant. This includes two students, Sophie Folts and Kaitlyn Kotake, who are a part of SMU’s Hamilton Scholars program.

Sierra BallEmma Kogut
Megan DolanKaitlyn Kotake
Dani EspinozaMaya Krpata
Sophie FoltsEmily LaPlante
Abby GriffinRebekah Ramos

Lab Alumni

Catherine Rochefort Moden is a staff psychologist at the Aurora VAMC in Aurora, CO. Catherine was awarded an SMU Moody School Dissertation Fellowship while a graduate student at SMU.

Margaret Sala is an Assistant Professor at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University in New York, NY. Margaret was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, along with several other awards, while a graduate student at SMU.

Deanna Denman is a staff psychologist at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. Deanna was awarded an NIH Diversity Supplement to support her training while a graduate student at SMU.

Julie Kangas is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego and a staff psychologist at the San Diego VAMC.

Valerie Loehr is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Colin Lamb (lab manager and project coordinator) is a graduate student in sport psychology at the University of Tennessee.