Spring 2013: Blog Post Assignment #2

This week we have explored networking and resumes.  You have also been introduced to company research and how to connect with a recruiter during a job and internship fair.

Discuss your experiences in researching a company/job posting and how you artfully constructed your resume and elevator speech to successfully communicate with each company representative.

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  1. Sam Welles says:

    The practice and work we engaged in last week when it came to formulating and preparing our resumes and elevator speeches really helped me further not on my technique but my confidence when it comes to presenting myself to a possible employer. My first experience came last year when I was applying for summer internships and had to sell myself to the professional world for the first time.
    As well, in missing the career fair due to illness I have begun researching companies that I wish to include in my paper assignment and have advanced my research skills as well. Researching these companies is somewhat familiar to me because of the nature of work that I engaged in during my summer internship. Everyday I had to research and compose articles about events taking place at locations and within the sports teams and other organizations we were partnered with. As well, I had to research many of the main competitors of the company I worked for and present the state of their company in different areas in relation to mine.
    I am sure by the time I finish the paper these skills will be even sharper. I am upset that I missed the career fair. There was one company I wanted to meet with that was offering a marketing position, however, other than that there were not too many options for me to find positions in the fields I am interested in. The vast majority of companies were searching for people in either the engineering or business schools.

  2. John Bordano says:

    Preparing by using the elevator technique and also doing run throughs in class, I felt this helped me through the interviews much more then any of the research I did. The research did come in handy but once I used the elevator speech, the recruiter took it from their and explained everything they could about their company. I found it easier then I expected to communicate with them all of the recruiters I talked to. One recruiter that i talked to, I just introduced myself and he didn’t wait for me to say anything else and proceeded to tell me why I should intern for them. I know that this will not be as easy to communicate every time so I should still do my homework on every company I interview with but I felt very good about all of the interviews.

  3. Katrina Beavers-Gutierrez says:

    My experience in preparing myself for the job and internship fair taught me important lessons. First, that dedicating the necessary time to the research was helpful in pinpointing exactly what I want to do, and whether the positions available were a good fit for me. Secondly, expect the unexpected. Practice being interrupted when in the middle of trying to make a great first impression. Lastly, I learned that although the company you like may not have a position that you are interested in open at the time, the opportunity still exists to make a connection in case it does later. The representative from BCBS ended up giving me his personal card and told me to contact him in the future and use him as a reference if I saw an opportunity that I liked later.
    My resume was completely redone. Allison in the Career Center revised my initial resume and gave me some great tips. Then the professor gave us some additional worksheets and advice. When I thought it was perfect, I asked more people to revise it. I think my resume will never be completely finished since it will always be adjusted to fit with the position I am interested in at the time.
    My elevator speech keeps changing. I used the example in class to frame my speech but at the career and internship fair I realized that it was not exactly what I wanted to say. Since then I have revised it a few times. The future aspect of what I plan to do is the tricky part for me since there are so many possibilities of what I would enjoy to do in the future.

  4. Olivia Elliott says:

    My resume is the only thing I have that is going to describe me to an interviewer. It has to be perfect and show off my skills and accomplishments accurately. When researching for a specific company, I had to look at a couple of different things. First I tried to find out the names of the interviewers that were going to be there; secondly I researched if there were any open job applications or internships available with this company. I wanted to come into the interview prepared and knowledgeable with what I was talking about. I know that the interviewers do not like to keep repeating everything about them and the company, so doing some research and knowing a little bit about the company itself put me at a great advantage. Having an elevator speech helped me in the interview process because it calmed me down and made me look more professional when speaking to someone that I had never met.
    My elevator speech was something that I just had to rehearse and get down. I already know all of my accomplishments and what I want to say, it was just the part of staying calm and collected when delivering my speech. I made sure to go from past, to present, to future, and to keep it short and simple for the interview.

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