Spring 2013 Blog Post #1

Why is the resume so important to your future job search?  What feedback (from the Career Prep Day Resumania experience) about your resume was most helpful?

What piece of new information or feedback did you disagree with during the entire Prep Day experience?


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  1. Hegi Family Career Development Center says:


  2. Olivia Elliott says:

    The resume is a huge part in my future job search and on my journey to find a career. It talks about what educational rewards you have had, and also the different skills that you have obtained over the years. The resume shows the interviewer a glimpse at who you are and what you can offer to the company. At the Career Prep Day, I had some actually sit down with me and go over my resume. Some of the information was helpful, and also others I did not agree with. I thought it was a good idea to combine my skills and achievements together, to make a longer and more full list. What I did not agree with was where they told me I should move the words “Student Athlete” to. I had this at the very beginning of my resume, to highlight a very important part of my life. But my interviewer suggested that I should put it further down in the resume. To me, I felt that if I were to put this information down, it would get looked over or not even noticed at all. Overall, the whole Career Prep Day was very helpful and gave me some good feedback on my resume.

  3. Katrina Beavers-Gutierrez says:

    The resume is a snapshot of you. It should be a clear picture of the experiences, education and unique aspects of your career development. A fuzzy picture wouldn’t demonstrate as well as a clear one how well you fit in the future position you are seeking, so the time involved in getting it just right is well worth it.
    The feedback that I received from Allison McFadden was amazing. The most helpful comment was to join organizations corresponding to the industry in which I am interested in finding a job and to include them on my resume.
    I really don’t disagree with any advice that I received from the experience.

  4. Sam Welles says:

    The resume is so important to my future job search because for the most part it will be the first impression an employer will get of me. My resume will tell them who I am, what I have done, and what kind of person I am. It is often said that your first impression is the most important thing you have and unless you have met the person reviewing your resume before, it will be the first impression they get of you. How good your resume is or isn’t will determine if you make it to the next round of applicants as well.
    The most important information I got about my resume at the help fair was that i need to brag about myself a little more and under experiences elaborate on what i did, had to do, and what i was in charge of. As well, I was told to make my involvement in my fraternity and the IFC more important seeing as it has been the place I have done the most while in school. Also to make everything more uniformed and tighter.
    I didn’t disagree with anything that I was told. It was a great learning experience and everything was beneficial.

  5. John Bordano says:

    The reason that a resume is so important is that it conveys who you are to the employer. It is a key piece in convincing the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. The interview sometimes only has a few seconds to read it and you must have a simple format with only information that is relevant. This allows for the interviewer to absorb as much information as possible.
    The best information that I received from the prep day was how I should order my resume, my prep interviewer suggested having the education portion of the resume be the first thing after your name. This way they know right away your education and they don’t have to search the resume. Then follow with the objective and finally the experience.
    I didn’t disagree with really anything of the entire prep day. Since most of this is very new to me I just tried to soak up as much information as I could!

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