Spring 2103 Blog #3

Last Thursday we discussed “episodic and semantic memory”.  Which do believe is best for young professionals when networking with an employer?  Would you prefer an employer to have an episodic or a semantic memory of you?  Why?

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Spring 2013: Blog Post Assignment #2

This week we have explored networking and resumes.  You have also been introduced to company research and how to connect with a recruiter during a job and internship fair.

Discuss your experiences in researching a company/job posting and how you artfully constructed your resume and elevator speech to successfully communicate with each company representative.

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Spring 2013 Blog Post #1

Why is the resume so important to your future job search?  What feedback (from the Career Prep Day Resumania experience) about your resume was most helpful?

What piece of new information or feedback did you disagree with during the entire Prep Day experience?


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