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Applications for Pandemics Course in Spring 2023 Now Open

In light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, SMU epidemiologist Dr. Eric G. Bing teaches an undergraduate course focused solely on international diseases and how we can combat them. Pandemics! The Science of Disease Spread, Prevention, and Control (APSM/ANTH/MNO 4344), in Spring 2023, will give SMU students the basic tools they need to understand the many factors that drive disease spread and how local and global communities can combat it.   

The interdisciplinary course will offer an interactive, participatory overview of epidemiological principles, using real-world infectious and social pandemics as a backdrop. Through a series of case studies, guest speakers, discussions, and live debates, students will study pandemics, evaluate epidemiological research, and develop evidence-based pandemic response strategies.   

To understand and combat pandemics, epidemiologists think outside the box, using insights from diverse academic disciplines. Therefore, students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply, and no background in health is required.The course is a capstone for the Health & Society major.   

Participation in the course is by instructor consent only; submit an application to join the course here or learn more on the course flyer.   

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