Has your plan to improve your career with continued education been derailed by cost? Or the fact that your employer doesn’t offer a tuition assistance program? Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Your employer may still be willing to cover the tuition fees. Here are some areas to consider before for approaching your employer for assistance.


What is the culture at your workplace? Is it conducive to professional development and improving its employees? This will help you gauge the feasibility of what you’re asking and how much convincing you will need to do.


If you’ve been an exemplary employee, always get to work on time, have shown continued improvement, etc., the chances of your employer being open to working with you, or at least having a discussion, are favorable.


Be prepared to overcome objections with benefits. For example, if your employer balks at the cost, counter with the potential of increased revenue resulting from you being more productive and able to handle complex tasks. Here are some other benefits you can reference to justify your employer’s investment:

  • Employee Retention
  • Leadership Potential
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Stronger Workforce


Research institutions that have programs which best meet your needs and identify all associated costs for each. Present these in formal writing, in-person or both (determine most appropriate). Showing your employer that you’ve done thorough legwork will reinforce your commitment.

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