The Pros and Cons of Online and In-Classroom Education


Online learning has steadily grown in popularity in recent years. That doesn’t mean it is the right choice for everyone. But is it the right choice for you?

Let’s spend some time looking at the pros and cons of traditional and online classes.

Traditional Classes

The traditional choice of taking in-person classes at SMU CAPE is ideal for those who enjoy classroom interaction. Students find that they learn and remember more effectively if they have interaction with other students. Additionally, classroom discussions tend to help students grasp difficult concepts. In addition to peer interaction, many students find they are more motivated through personal interaction with the instructor.

Students with more freedom in their daily schedules usually prefer the in-classroom setting. This option has a more rigid time commitment, which for some students helps set the class as a priority to complete the course.

Online Classes

The main benefit of online education is the flexibility that it offers. Many students at SMU CAPE have busy lives. Between work, family, and other commitments the ability to attend class on their own timetable can help them achieve their goals.

Online courses use many of the same formats as an in-person course. These include reading, quizzes, projects, and tests. However online, the lecture is recorded which allows the student to pause or even rewind any topic. If a student has questions, their instructor and mentors are available to help them work through knowledge gaps, assignment clarifications, and more complex concepts either through email or on the phone.

Which One is Best?

It’s really up to your personal preferences when it comes to the traditional classroom setting versus online learning.

Keep in mind that you may find a topic easier depending on your setting. For example, the Financial Planning Certificate Program can be more successful in a traditional classroom setting. Where Grant Research and Writing Certificate Program and Mobile Application Design and Development Certificate Program are great in an online learning environment depending on your learning style and comfort with the topic.

SMU CAPE is here to help you evaluate your learning style and provide more information about the types of courses offered. Please contact us with any questions you may have or for help registering for a class of your choosing.